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Wood Species in the Philippines - Mahogany, Acacia & Ash | Filtra .Acacia Mangium is a plantation wood species available in FSC Certified Imported logs or sawn and/or non certified but still legal and sustainable Philippine.

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Philippine Mahogany | The Wood Database - Lumber Identification .The wood name Philippine Mahogany is a loose term that applies to a number of wood species coming from southeast Asia. Another common name for this.

Lauan | The Wood Database - Lumber Identification (Hardwood)(It's also frequently called Philippine Mahogany, though Meranti/Lauan bears no . There is an abundance of variety between the difference species: each with.

Philippine Rosewood (Toog Tree) | Philippine Flora11 Aug 2009 . Philippine rosewood (En: trade name) Common Name: Toog . Family: Lecythidaceae Description A deciduous, medium-sized to fairly large tree that grows up to 40 m tall and 100 . Petersianthus comprises only two species.

Petersianthus quadrialatus - WikipediaPetersianthus quadrialatus is a emergent tropical rainforest tree species in the Lecythidaceae family. In the Visayas region called Kapullan, in the Samar and Leyte areas - Magtalisai. It is an indigenous tree species in the southeastern Philippines and one of . philippineflora.wordpress.com / Philippine Rosewood (Toog Tree).

Rosewood - WikipediaRosewood refers to any of a number of richly hued timbers, often brownish with darker veining . The preeminent rosewood appreciated in the Western world is the wood of . Dalbergia sissoo is timber from rosewood species from India and.

Mahogany - WikipediaSpecies[edit] . a variety of different commercial names, most notably Philippine mahogany, . This wood is also called Lauan or Meranti.

Common Furniture Woods - Guide to Furniture Woods: Tips and .Common Furniture Woods - Being able to identify the type of wood used for your . in less expensive grades of furniture; it is often sold as Philippine mahogany.

Lauan - woodfinderCOMMON NAMES: Lauan, Philippine mahogany, meranti, red meranti, white . (Shorea) contains about 70 species and their woods are extremely variable.

Types of WoodPhilippine mahogany has a similar color, but is not really mahogany at all. It is a much less valuable wood, being less strong, not as durable or as beautiful when.

Wood Species Buying Guide - Ethical ConsumerSpecies. Friends of the Earth rating (2002) Good Wood Guide Greenpeace Australia . Red: Non-certified mahogany, African mahogany, Philippine mahogany,.

Densities of Wood Species - Engineering ToolBoxDensities of wood species like apple, ash, cedar, elm and more. . Mahogany, African, 0.5 - 0.85, 31 - 53. Mahogany . Philippine Red Luan, 0.59, 36. Pine, pitch.

Mahogany: Which one is the real thing – Woodworkers Source Blog12 Sep 2010 . This species makes up most of the African mahogany on the international market. While this is . Philippine / Luan mahogany wood grain scan.

What Is Mahogany Part 3 - Non Mahoganies traded as Mahogany .The term “Philippine Mahogany” may also apply specifically to LAUAN from Philippines, . Wood from the species is also called NATO (Philippines), NYATOH.

Guidelines for Avoiding Wood from Endangered . - Rainforest Reliefdoes not use woods from the above forest types unless they are reused (such as .. The term lauan or “Philippine mahogany” is applied to three genera. The.

Properties and Characteristics of Mahogany Timber | Home Guides .. every continent, making it one of the most prolific of all the wood species. . Mahogany trees yield more timber per running foot than almost any other specie. . Philippine mahogany, also referred to as "luan" mahogany is almost gray in color.

Top 10 tallest tree species of the world | WondermondoDescriptions of 10 tallest tree species of the world. . Agusan del Sur. Species: Philippine rosewood (Petersianthus quadrialatus Merr.) Height: 96.9 m

Imported Timbers whose use should be AvoidedThe RIC Good Wood Guide . Please give us feedback on the changing status of any timber species on this list, or others of which you are aware (ed.). .. The term "Lauan" or "Philippine mahogany" is applied to 3 genera. The various species.

Philippine mahogany videos, photos and facts - Shorea almon | ArkiveLearn more about the Philippine mahogany - with amazing Philippine mahogany photos . IUCN Red List species status – Critically Endangered . The bark can be almost smooth on young trees, but as the tree ages, furrows develop, which.

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