building a wooden deck over a sloping concrete slab

How to Build a Deck Over a Concrete Patio Family A concrete slab in this condition has to be either broken up and carted away or . . Fix any water problems before you build a deck over a concrete patio.. The sleepers don't have to be level‐they can follow the slope of your patio.

How to Build a Deck over Concrete Slab - YouTube1 Feb 2016. How to Build a Deck over Concrete Slab. KlevaKlip. I didn't want to ave my joists resting on the concrete so these should work beautifully!

Decking Sub Floor Over Concrete & Paving - 3 Sep 2015. How to build a decking sub floor over a concrete slab nonaildecking.. WTF How does the water run off sloped How does the floor .

Building a Wooden Deck Over a Concrete Your concrete porch should already be slightly slanted away from the house in. When you're installing your wooden deck over this, the floor planks will not be .

How to Build a Deck Over a Concrete Patio Building A Floating Deck Over Concrete Slab. Great idea. We'll show you exactly how to build a simple deck without spending a ton of money. DIY Garden .

Building a wood deck over a concrete slab - I've been looking online and it doesn't seem that hard to put a wood deck on top of it. Spacers on the bottom for the needed height and slope .

DIY Steps for Building a Deck Over a Patio 28 Mar 2007. How to build a deck over an existing patio slab with low clearance.. austere concrete slab, the patio door threshold was barely above grade.. be getting further away from the slab because the slab is sloped to carry water .

How to Build a Wood Deck Over a Concrete Patio 4 Mar 2009. How to Build a Wood Deck Over a Concrete Patio. The sleepers can follow the slope of the patio rather than being perfectly level, but they do .

Build a Timber Deck Over Concrete - Softwoods18 Nov 2015. How do you add life to a tired, old, cold and dull slab of concrete Why not build a timber deck on top of it

How to Lay Deck Flooring on a Concrete Patio - The Here's an easy way to lay deck flooring on your cement slab patio in just one day.. perhaps her most ingenious idea was laying deck flooring over the cement slab patio.. Ripping up concrete and building a deck seemed like a daunting and. more like a wood deck, so this required cutting pieces on both edges to size.

Deck Over Concrete - California Redwood pdf6 Apr 2001. ound. d 2x6. wood mon nots r ighten ain. ding ng. ods if dwood ended t drift- ood patible. Heart or Deck Heart. Building a redwood deck over an existing concrete slab is an easy. Slab sloped for drainage. Concrete slab. 1.

How to Build a Deck on a Slope Sloping ground presents a number of challenges when attempting to build a deck.. Concrete. Deck posts. Level. String. Deck beams. Three-inch nails or deck screws. Floorboards. Install floor beams to your deck frame using three-inch nails.. Most decks above ground level will also require a railing for safety. Railing .

5 answers: The steps I need to take in order to build a raised Provided the concrete slab is strong enough to bear the weight of the. I need to take in order to build a raised deck on top of an uneven concrete slab. that can be cut on a slope to take the unevenness of the slab into account.. The joist fixings should come to 1 inch above the surface of the concrete.

Deck Can Be Built Over Concrete Patio Using Frame 30 Jun 1989. Q-Our 36-year-old concrete patio consists of six slabs that have become. A-The usual way to build a deck over a patio is to attach wood sleepers or. Keep in mind that the final surface of the deck should slope away from the .

How to build a raised deck Help & Ideas How to build a raised deck - B&Q for all your home and garden supplies and advice on. If you plan to lay a more simple deck on the ground floor, check out our .

Build a Front Deck Over Your Concrete 15 Jun 2015. Decks are popular backyard features, but they also make for dramatic front entries. Instead of removing those concrete front steps, save some .

Tips for Building a Deck on a Sloped Site - Building a deck on a sloped site isn't much more difficult than on a level. If the deck is only 1 or 2 feet above fairly level ground, you can build simple. Build a concrete landing pad for your deck that will withstand the tests of time and nature.

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